driven by passion. motivation. perfectionism.

why nørde ?

In Danish, nord translates into geek. More than just a trend or an intellectual, a geek is above all an eccentric obsessed with what makes his heart beat. That is who we are: passionate people serving their passion, electric skateboard.

our story

research, research and research...

Hi, my name is Neken, I am the founder of NØRDE. Three years ago, I was sitting in your chair, looking for any information to build my first electric skateboard, completely frightened by making the slightest mistake. I know this feeling when you spend days and nights submerged by data from blogs, forums, tutorials, with only one thing in your mind, putting your feet on a skateboard, and ride.

a quest for simplicity

We decided to simplify this task for any future makers. We put all of our expertise to design the Tinker collection. We would like to offer you everything you need, from tutorials to components, to create the perfect board for your needs, no matter your skill level is. We are here to give you self-confidence. Of course, you are able.

In Your Hands